About Us

The Executots Crèche is one of the oldest and most established crèches in Parkmore. Since 2000, we have been open through-out the year except for over the Christmas period. We cater for the busy mom and dad who do not have the time to worry about alternative care during mid-year school holidays. Our caring philosophy is guided by the belief that young children learn the best through play. As such, our programme encourages the exploration and discovery of different ideas, feelings, and interests during structured and free play. We promote open self-expression and growth through music, movement, arts, crafts, and pretend play.


We strive to provide daily activities that are age appropriate to ensure that each child acquires the necessary skills, concepts and attitudes required for personal development. We reflect on a child’s needs and interests and ensure that activities meet these individual needs.

The Executots Crèche has built an atmosphere where every child feels secure, valued and confident. We have developed a safe and positive learning environment, supported by good resources, equipment and facilities.

Our policy is that all children should feel included, secure and cherished. We therefore acknowledge and value the role of each parent as a child’s prime educator and seek to promote a partnership with them that develops a shared understanding with mutual respect and dialogue. Our daily reports enable you to keep updated on your child’s day and his or her well-being.

We value the importance of health and safety and ensure that we meet the needs of young children with appropriate space, facilities and equipment. We are registered with the Department of Health and our staff are trained and qualified in first aid and CPR.